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These instructional videos will take you on the water to learn how to use different techniques, different lures and different approaches to help you catch more fish. Have a seat in the back of the boat (or on the bank) as we go fishing together and learn how to catch more fish.  

Filmed live as it's almost like being in the boat with me.   
Shallow Water Summer 
Time Bass Fishing
The purpose of "Fishing Videos" is literally to take you "on the water" with me to witness first hand how to use different fishing techniques under a variety of fishing conditions to catch large and smallmouth bass.

The goal is to simplify techniques that you may have heard about, read about or even watched on TV and to explain them in a way that makes them more useful in your everyday fishing activities.

Since I can't fish with each person "one-on-one", this is the next best thing.   

More and more "technique" specific videos will be added so it's very important to check back regularly. Or better yet...sign-up to receive email notices each time a new posting is done on either the Website or the Fishing Blog.   

It is our sincere hope that all of  the information, including videos and articles contained on this Website, combined with all the information on our Fishing Blog, will help make you a better fisherman regardless of where you live or where you fish and in the process have more fun in the great outdoors.

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Catching Early Spring 
Time Bass on Jerk Baits 
Fishing Windy Points 
in the Spring
Fishing a 
Drop-Shot Rig
Pitchin' Backend of Creeks
Following a Rain Storm